Best of 2021 with Marina at Keppel Bay - Marina Keppel Bay

Best of 2021 with Marina at Keppel Bay - Marina Keppel Bay

Best of 2021 with Marina at Keppel Bay - Marina Keppel Bay

Best of 2021 with Marina at Keppel Bay - Marina Keppel Bay

Best of 2021 with Marina at Keppel Bay - Marina Keppel Bay
Best of 2021 with Marina at Keppel Bay - Marina Keppel Bay

Best of 2021 with Marina at Keppel Bay

It has been yet another year of transition in 2021. While there have been setbacks with new measurements in place, there are also great progresses that we’ve made through the year. Read on to find out our best of 2021!


Looking back at 2021

We kickstarted the year with a 5 Gold Anchor International rating accreditation by the Marina Industries Association (MIA) in January 2021. In August 2021, we also got reaccredited as a Clean Marina and Fish Friendly Marina by Marina Industries Association (MIA).


In the same month, we were featured in The Straits Times for our steady move towards 5G technology which will benefit our marine crew members and enhance boaters’ experience in the long run.



Awards aside, we are even prouder to do our part in the conservation of our marine environment. As featured in Channel News Asia (CNA)’s “It’s In Our Nature” series, we have collaborated with the Experimental Marine Ecology Laboratory (EMEL), National University of Singapore (NUS) to enhance the biodiversity of our seawall using eco-engineering approaches. In January 2021, enhancement tiles made up of concrete tiles moulded with complex topography are installed along Marina at Keppel Bay’s shores to create microhabitats for intertidal organisms; without which, marine life will not be able to settle on our shores.



Moreover, we hosted NUS students from the Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES) Programme, for their academic module, Environmental Challenges: Asian Case Studies II, to provide them with first-hand experience in tropical ecology, geography, and the environmental issues surrounding conservation and sustainability. Students were able to gain insights into the design and environmental considerations of Marina at Keppel Bay.

Lastly, to minimize the human impact on the marine environment, we also organized a Coral Reef Clean Up session in December 2021 to remove entangled marine trash from the corals at Marina at Keppel Bay. Both Cuddlefish divers and NUS volunteer divers helped to bring up the trash from the seabed while the remaining volunteers scooped up floating trash around the pontoons. Kairos also joined us as the rescue boat team for our volunteering session.



All the above go hand in hand with increasing public awareness of marine life conservation at Marina at Keppel Bay. Through the collaboration with National University of Singapore Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (NUS LKCNHM) since April 2021 for the CoralWalk at Keppel Bay series, we met members of the public and showed them a glimpse of our thriving underwater eco-sanctuary made possible by our environmental conservation efforts at Keppel Bay.



In addition, we have now partnered up with Cuddlefish Divers for a series of Adventure Tours including CoralWalks, Snorkel Tours and Diving Tours! Members of public will not only be able to walk along our berths to observe the marine life, but also dive into the waters for a closer look at them!



Speaking of community engagement, we also introduced virtual workshops for our patrons in a recent dine and redeem promotion held in November 2021. Not to mention the several giveaways held on our Social Media channels to thank members of the public for their support towards Marina at Keppel Bay.

2021 sure looked like an eventful year despite all the tough measurements we were met with.


Stay Tuned to 2022!

Moving forward, we are delighted to announce that both CoralWalk series with LKCNHM and Adventure Tours with Cuddlefish Divers will accompany us into the year 2022 so don’t miss your chance to visit the Marina next year!

Do follow us on Facebook and Instagram to participate in our future giveaways as well as receive latest updates with regards to the happenings at Marina at Keppel Bay. We cannot wait to share more exciting news to you all next year!



Stay Up to Date

Marina at Keppel Bay values your safety above all else. While we are eager to get things back to normal, we will continually adjust our approach to bring the best to you while adhering to guidelines.

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